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Graeme Miller: Messy Human/ Imperfect Artist 

Hailing from the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, Graeme Miller is a Leeds based artist who is finding himself in high demand of late. Describing himself as a ‘Messy Human’, he is a versatile artist whose unique vision champions the preservation of human imperfection in the form of art. During his time in Leeds he has performed spoken word as a member of the Context Collaborative, released a handful of tape-recorded singles and is the active fly-on-the-wall photographer for BabyStep Magazine. His most recent endeavour has been becoming a hand-poke tattoo artist, with an emphasis on the therapeutic value of tattooing.  Whether it be expressing himself as a poet, musician, visual artist or tattooist, Miller works to deconstruct the flawed contemporary ideals of vanity and perfection that consume even the best of us. The vulnerability in Graeme’s work is coupled with a distinct humility that shines through in his modest demeanour. Graeme Miller is an imperfect artist and a beautifully messy human. 

Josh Crowe, BabyStep Magazine, February 2020

Thanks Josh x